Why Invest in Kenya:

Kenya is the largest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa. Its GDP accounts for more than 50 per cent of the region’s total and in terms of current market prices, its 2014 GDP stood at $58.1 billion.Kenya’s strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value good and services.

  • East Africa’s largest economy
  • Low risk investment environment
  • Strategic location as regional financial, communication and transport hub
  • Market access
  • Political and macro economic stability
  • Relatively well established social and physical infrastructure
  • Reducing energy cost and improving availability
  • Well established private sector
  • Highly skilled human resource
  • Vibrant capital markets
  • Strong entrepreneurial and innovative environment
  • Unique tourist products


Kenya’s Energy sector is among the most active in Africa.

In many african countries, more than 80% live on susbistence agriculture.

Kenya’s financial sector is the third-largest in sub-Saharan Africa and it makes a significant contribution to economic growth and job creation.

Kenya has become the global technology hub of choice when it comes to attracting the strategic business activities of ICT companies in emerging markets.

With a fast growing population, and increasing demand for affordable housing, opportunities exist in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings

Tourism is one of Kenya’s most important industries, and has strong linkages with transport, food production, retail and entertainment.

African countries face huge problems of transport not only because of bad roads but as well by limited means of transport.


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